100 Days of Code – Update I

Continuing with the 100DaysOfCode challenge I am now up to day 13. So far I have covered fundamental and basic elements of the language ranging from string manipulation to loops.

To give some kind structure to follow I have been working on the challenge from https://www.practicepython.org a site written and maintained by  Michele Pratusevich. The exercises are graded in difficulty by chills ranging from 1 for the easiest to 4 for the most difficult.

 I am currently up to the 7th challenge and have been able to the majority of them with having to check the solution first.  I have struggled with the ‘one-liner’ and Rock-Paper-Scissor exercises mainly due to a lack of knowledge of Python syntax and capabilities of the language.

 While I will be continuing to work through the exercises on the site, I have found that I need to improve my fundamental knowledge of Python and am working my way through the Head First Python (I have used this series previously to study Java and will soon have the new Project Management Professional book when that is published in July). I do like the way the Head First books present the material and get you to work through the examples in different ways – both in the IDE and good old fashioned pen and paper as this approach makes you think differently and reinforces the key points.

 That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by!

Back to the blog

It’s been almost 2 years since I last updated my blog, and I think a new blog post is long overdue!

After deliberating over what I wanted to write about I have decided to focus on the following areas, and perhaps narrow things down when I find an area I want to concentrate on and a potential direction for the blog:-

  • Productivity and Lifehacking
  • My efforts to learn Japanese
  • Japanese applications and learning resources
  • Anything Japanese related – travel, food, culture
  • My efforts to final get past ‘Hello World’ in a programming language
  • Anything ‘tech’ related including trying to make something more exiting than a LED bulb blink with my Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards.
  • Thoughts on Project Management

In order to get some kind of consistency and actually make progress I am aiming to commit to one blog post a week, which should, if everything goes according to plan be on Tuesdays.

This may mean that posts are not ‘perfect’, contain several grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, but the aim here is just to start and develop regular blogging as a productive habit.

Lets hope the next blog post is not in 2 years time, and thanks for stopping by!



Welcome to what will be another attempt at writing a blog by yours truly. I think this is probably attempt number 5 by now.

As per usual I will be documenting my experience and thoughts on learning Japanese. I am still going through James W. Heisig’s -Remebering the Kanji and was up to Kanji number 1115 when disaster struck! My phone ended up in a reboot loop and I had no choice but to reset to factory settings.

Unfortunately I had not backed up my Anki deck to AnkiWeb and so lost all of my progress up to that point and was left with my last synchronisation with 807 reviews to do.

It will take quite sometime to catch up but needless to say I will persevere until I have caught up.