Oct, Nov, December 3 month challenge

So after my attempt of the 100 days of code went South, just due to life getting in the way I decided to set myself 3 fairly sizable goals by the end of the year.

I have yet to decide on the strategy I will follow to cover all of the material and achieve these goals – and probably trying to learn all 3 together across the 3 months may not be such a great idea. I may end up covered one book which will allow me to focus and avoid context switching all of the time.

Goal 1 – Complete Genki I text book

I have kept up my Kanji study and completed all of my reviews since May on a daily basis and in order to supplement my study further will go through the Genki I textbook. This is a book that covers things from a beginner level and although I am familiar with much of the material in the book want to review the fundamental and have some kind of logical structure to work through.

Goal 2 – Complete Head First Python text book

Part of the problem I had with the 100 days of code was that I did not really have a good grasp of the fundamentals of Python – and was stumbling around from tutorial to tutorial. Using this book will give me a good grasp of the basis of python in a well presented familiar format.

Goal 3 – Complete Head First PMP

I recently purchased a copy of the Head First PMP book in order to prepare myself for taking the PMP exam. Because I will be ineligible to take the exam until I have 3 years Project Management experience this is the goal I will be tackling last.