100 Days of Code – Update II

The 100 Days of Code challenge is still well underway – I have stuck with Python even though I am also quite keen to learn Javascript but don’t want to jump to another language until I have become a lot more familiar with Python.

I have been moving away from the practice python website and have been working my way through Head-First Python in order to learn more of the fundamentals of the language. I absolutely love the way these books teach a subject – getting you to work with the material in different ways helps to keep you engaged and gives you several methods to help retain the key information.

It feels like I am starting to get to grips with Python and find my way around the language, one of the best things I like about Python are the BIF’s (Built in functions) which enable you to accomplish a significant amount with only a few lines of code.

The latest BIF I have been working with is the isinstance() which allows you to check if a specific identifier holds data of a specific type.

I have also pre-ordered the latest Head-First edition of the PMP (Project Management Professional) as I want to work towards that gaining that qualification.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by!