Evernote Pricing & Freemium Access Fiasco

Like many people I recently received the following Evernote to Microsoft OneNote migration email, and like many people I am not best pleased about the changes they have proposed:-


There are a varied views and opinions regarding this change with some users staying loyal to Evernote while some seem to be leaving faster than the England Football team during an international competition.

Evernote’s own discussion forum has over 68 pages of mixed emotion and after having a quick scan though it does look like the bulk of people will be abandoning ship and looking for other solutions to meet their needs.

Brett Kelly – an ex-Evernote developer who is remaining faithful to the brand, provides a rational insight into Evernote’s plan changes and argues that:

Yes, the price increase isn’t nothing. Stipulated.

But let’s be real — it’s not a ton of money, either.

I would have to agree with him, people gladly pay upwards of £4 for their daily caffeine fix from the likes of Costa, Starbucks, or Nero, but forking out for the premium tier of Evernote will set you back just £0.12 a day.

This two device limit is not the only change being implemented by Evernote and users who shell out for a ‘Plus’ or ‘Premium’ account  will typically find prices increasing by around 40%.

UK pricing for the Plus account is increasing from £2.99 per month, (£19.99 per year) to £3.99 per month, (£29.99 per year).  While the Premium pricing tier will change from £3.99 per month, (£34.99 per year) to £4.99, (£44.99 per year).

I can completely understand the price increase, after all they are a business, not a charity and thus need to turn a profit. But what befuddles me the most is that alienating users with a two device limit seems to go against the very ethos of being a cloud service. Compromising with a 3 device limit would offer the right balance for the vast majority of freemium users and avoid the current mass exodus.

It really comes down to the issue of cost versus value, are the additional features and data allowances of the Plus, or Premium tiers worth it for me?

Having been an Evernote freemium user since around the end of 2011 I am by no means a power user (I have yet to surpass the 60MB limit) I do however like to access Evernote from more than 2 devices. This change will likely be a deal breaker for me where other services such as Google Keep or Microsoft’s OneNote will offer what I need and for ‘free’ minus the targeted adds and data mining rights waver.



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