Evernote Pricing & Freemium Access Fiasco

Like many people I recently received the following Evernote to Microsoft OneNote migration email, and like many people I am not best pleased about the changes they have proposed:-


There are a varied views and opinions regarding this change with some users staying loyal to Evernote while some seem to be leaving faster than the England Football team during an international competition.

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Welcome to what will be another attempt at writing a blog by yours truly. I think this is probably attempt number 5 by now.

As per usual I will be documenting my experience and thoughts on learning Japanese. I am still going through James W. Heisig’s -Remebering the Kanji and was up to Kanji number 1115 when disaster struck! My phone ended up in a reboot loop and I had no choice but to reset to factory settings.

Unfortunately I had not backed up my Anki deck to AnkiWeb and so lost all of my progress up to that point and was left with my last synchronisation with 807 reviews to do.

It will take quite sometime to catch up but needless to say I will persevere until I have caught up.